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The effectiveness and likeability of design work is entirely contextual and subjective: one person may like and another may think it is an abomination. That is just the way it goes, and we accept that. You may think, therefore, that we are limited in what we can do so as not to send the masses running in the opposite direction.

This, however, is not the case. We can create virtually anything, within reason of course. During our consultation and the construction we offer our opinion from unbiased perspective - it doesn't really matter to us whether your menu is blue or red! But it is just that, an opinion. You are free to instruct us as you like.

We are not graphic designers, and do not advertise ourselves as that. Nonetheless, we have undertaken some grahpic work before and would not hesitate in doing so again. For more complicated and detailed work we work closely with some graphic designers who can bring your idea to life.

What graphic work do you offer?

We will ensure that your entire design, from the graphic design to look and feel of your website or web pages, will be modern, elegant and attention-grabbing. Your content will be displayed cleanly, crisply, and without hinderance to ensure visitors have a pleasant experience. Pictures, logos and other images can be positioned to compliment the effect of your website, or be placed inside a slideshow for the user to browse.

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