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Recent statistics appear to show that the majority of internet browsing is done on smartphones, and this is hardly surprising news. What is surprising, however, is the number of Websites completely unsuitable for viewing on a mobile phone. The main issue is that many websites rely on complicated code, and tricky displays which look excellent on Desktop monitors. When transposed to a mobile device, the code becomes confused and the display untenable.

We can set up a mobile website, which customers will automatically be redirected to if the come to your site on a mobile phone. The benefit of this is that it is relatively simple - if you are on your computer, you receive a full-on, complicated website; and if you are on a mobile device you get a simplified version optimised for viewing on a limited size screen.

Arriving at a website and being unable to use the website is virtually a guaranteed loss, as that person is unlikely to boot up their old computer just to have a look at your fancy website. We again return the old age principle: convenience! A mobile website is convenient for customers, it makes browsing simple and hassle-free.

What features can I expect?

These are just some of the features we can provide you with. A full list can be discussed alongside your requirements during a consultation.

How much will it cost?

Mobile websites can vary in cost, and the total cost depends on how many other packages you have with us. In terms of work, mobile websites take less time than standard desktop websites so you can expect your mobile website to cost less.

A simple consultation will allow us to gain some background information about you, determine what you require, and then provide you with a total cost.

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