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It is easy to forget about the importance of website Hosting, especially when we get caught up in the design and production of the website itself. Hosting is the cost associated with the maintainenance and ensuring your website is live on the internet. Essentially, so people see your website when they navigate to your domain.

All our production packages come with one years free hosting, with the option for renewal after the first year. If you already have a host, you should consider switching to a more inexpensive host to save yourself money.

We have never experienced any downtime which has had an effect on customers or websites. Although no data is lost during downtime, it is highly probable you will lose customers. We are pleased to offer secure, reliable hosting for less than our competitors.

How much does Hosting cost?

Our Hosting packages start from £100 per year, which covers the majority of the work we do, including websites, Facebook apps, or other website-related content. This is an annual amount due which can be paid in one sum or in monthly installments.

Mobile Apps incur additional charges due to the costs incurred by backing up data, storing locally, and the procedure for updating files. However, this is something we would discuss when arranging the production of your Mobile app.

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