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Facebook is a great instrument for interacting with customers on a social and personal level. Any consumer feels more relaxed when they can see the person they are dealing with, and whilst we wouldn't suggest letting them see that photo from the Christmas Night Out last year, coming down to their level can provide great rewards.

Facebook Apps are additional pages installed on your Facebook Page, which allows user the functionality they would expect on your website. So it is possible to have online enquiries, database entries, menus, profiles etc all completed through Facebook. You are removing the middle-man, your website, from the process and letting users do their browsing from their own comfort zone.

So how do I get this onto my Facebook Page?

Facebook Apps are written using the same language used to create your website, namely HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP. It is for this reason that we are able to replicate the functionality offered by your website, and ensure that the user has a positive experience on your Facebook Page, eradicating the need for unnecessary time wasted by clicking through to your website.

There are two way of installation: the first is that one of our team become and admin on your page to remove any hassle; or secondly that we create and publish the app, and then send it to you along with instruction on how to install it on your Page.

How much does this cost?

Facebook Apps can cost anything between £30 to £100 depending on their size and time to complete.The majority of apps will cost no more than £50.

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