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A high quality Desktop website should underpin your company or project, because it is the first point where the consumer interacts with you. In that sense, you want it to be clear, concise, but yet appealing and stylish. Attempting to find the right balance can be difficult, and near impossible using a self-constructing Website Builder, because such programs caanot comprehend the specification and look you are looking for.

Websites are made using code which your Web Browser translates and shows the corresponding design. Difficulties can arise with the large variety of browsers available on the market, but using HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, PHP these issues can be avoided.

The importance of an effective Desktop website should not be underestimated, in part due to the rise of tablets and other larger media devices. These devices are ineffective displaying a Mobile website, but can also struggle to allow true functionality with a standard Dekstop website.

What features can I expect?

These are just some of the features we can provide you with. A full list can be discussed alongside your requirements during a consultation. We are able to provide a fully-editable website, simply contact us to discuss this.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a Website depends on your particular requirements, and it is for that reason that we cannot provide definitive prices on our Website. However, as guideline we say that Websites are charged at £60 per page, each website having a minimum of 5 pages.

Websites would normally cost between £600 and £2500, but we are pleased to offer a standard 5-page website at a substantially lower price than the market average. This price is also inclusive of one years free hosting.

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