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Hamcam Design started as a partnership on 19th June 2012, created by David Hamilton and Fraser Cameron. The partnership has grown considerably in its relatively short life, and given the relative lack of time both partners were able to devote to web design in the beginning.

Our aim is not quick money, low quality, and conveyor-belt style customer service. In fact, we aim to achieve the polar opposite. We would prefer to commit ourselves to less work to ensure the work is of the highest quality and exactly what our customers are looking for.

The popularity of databases led to us creating InviteSite©, the online event invitations system designed to make RSVPs, invitation and guest lists effortless. The feedback from this has been positive, leading us to create a website solely for InviteSite, www.invitesite.co.uk.

We aimed to bring a personal level to what is otherwise a daunting arena, but one which there is no escaping due to smartphones, faster internet, and more complicated mediums of browsing. The world of HTMLs and Javathingys is the future, and we have always aimed to help people on their journey to a better technological environment.

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"Great service, great Website, very happy overall and would certainly reccommend."

Mrs A, Glasgow

"Wow! This is the best invite! :D xx"

InviteSite Recipient

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