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Smartphones have become part of our way of life to the extent that we are rarely without them. Mobile Apps provide an inroad from the commercial enterprise to the hands of the consumer.

There are two ways in which Mobile Apps can be made: the first is the use of native language, the equivalent of writing directly into the phone; the second being the use of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript to create the functionality which is then wrapped and send to the phone. As web designers, we have extensive experience using languages HTML, CSS, and Javascript. On this basis, we are only able to offer mobile apps using the second method. In practical terms, this has no effect and your app will not lose any functionality.

The benefit of using this method is that your finished app can easily be deployed to the various stores, the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store etc. You can then start promoting your app, and check your statistics to see how many people are downloading it.

What kind of things can my app do?

These features may not be available on all devices, and extra features are also available. We will fully inform you of any features not possible on your chosen platform.

How much will it cost?

Of all the services we offer, this is one which is hardest to price due to the inherent complexity and time frame involved. Pricing is dependent on the complexity and the estimated time for completion, so don't be afraid to ask for a rough quote.

Contact us to arrange a consultation, where we can provide you with details on cost and estimated timings.

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