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Hamcam Design is a partnership based in Glasgow, Scotland providing Web Design, Mobile App Development, and Social Media Enhancements. Despite our size, we do not shy away from any project or opportunity.

Why not get in touch now, it is free and there is absolutely no obligation. When you provide your contact details you won't be inundated with calls and emails chasing a sale at every opportunity. Any consultation only lasts as long as you want it to, and you will always be free to change your mind. We are also flexible with time, and are happy to conduct consutlation via a video conversation rather than face-to-face - providing the ultimate convenience if any of your plans change.

Ensuring your product is exactly how your imagined is a priority we continue to endorse, and all our Design packages come with 1 years free design changes. That is in addition to the unlimited lifetime adjustments to text or images which automatically comes with your Hosting Package. Better still, many of services can be offered on a customer-edit basis - this means we create your Website or Hosted Domain, and the content can be completely edited by you.

Do you have an upcoming personal or corporate event?

You may find the process of inviting guests and keeping track of responses ardious and time consuming. We thought so too, and have designed a unique way of tackling this issue:


InviteSite is a brand of Hamcam Design, and offers an alternative to paper invitations, although it can easily be used in conjunction too. We design you a dedicated website on our InviteSite domain, ie. yourevent.invitesite.co.uk, and you send guests to that website. Guests can see the details of your event, RSVP to your event, and view the guest list.

For more information, and to find out what special treat we offer after your event, click here or on InviteSite on the menu.

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"Great service, great Website, very happy overall and would certainly reccommend."

Mrs A, Glasgow

"Wow! This is the best invite! :D xx"

InviteSite Recipient

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